You are a dodgy automobile repair mechanic that intends to run up the customers bill by smashing his vehicle when he is not looking!

  • Don't let him catch you smashing his vehicle!
  • Be sneaky behind his back and get paid more!
  • Look for opportunities to smash the vehicle when he turns away, but be careful not to hit the car when he is looking!
  • Click to interact!


  • Art made with physical paints.
  • Music made in LMMS.
  • Sounds physically recorded and mixed with Audacity.
  • UV mapping done in Blender.


  • James Collins - Art and original idea
  • Matt Kraemer - Programming and Tech art
  • Andrew Savey - Sound and Music
  • DeoVolente.Games - Programming and Tech art

And special thanks and credits to "Mário Golis (Spone)" for the very cool 3D models.


  • The original game was made for the Global game jam 2020.  This is an updated version of that game. 


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This should not be as much fun as it is, but it is. It could easily spawn a series of mini-games or be a full game where you "fix" different vehicles.

Shame it wasn't optimised to fit on common laptop screens, so many people will have to scroll down and ignore the head of the customer. However don't let that put you off, this will make you laugh.

We are happy you liked it! 

Hmm... about the screen you could try holding Ctrl and rolling the mouse wheel (changes the zoom on the page) I found some games on Itch also play better zoomed out ;)

Hope this helps :)

Cheers, I'll try that tomorrow :)
Bare in mind I'm not using a browser. The game is launching via the itch desktop app

OK tested again in the standalone version and no zoom, so may be worth adding a note that it is best played in a browser if you have a 1360x768 display.